Sweet Millers Run Surfski Video from Rob Mousley of Surfski.info

I love Surfski.info.  There, I said it.  I tell ya, these guys know how to have fun!   No wishy-washy “let’s go look at birds and nature” stuff here.  Nope.   It’s “let’s see what kind of crazy waves we can catch… let’s see how fast we can go!   Mate, you just broke my best record run, you bloke!  Hey look, a big catamaran, let’s go catch it!”  Gotta love it!

Here is a great vid with some great tunes and alot of insanely happy laughter.  If this is not a big part of what paddling is all about, then what the heck am I doing here?!

This is titled “Midwinter Millers HD” from Rob Mousley.  The featured “camera platform” is a Kayak Center Zeplin… yeah you guessed it, it’s a bigger ski for big guys, and/or the not-so super-elite paddlers.  Rob’s report indicates that it is a great ski for the slop and one can truly hammer when the going gets nasty.  You can tell Rob is having one hell of a bad time on the ski by his insane laughter, so it must be a terrible ski (if you don’t like paddling fast and having lots of fun).

If this vid doesn’t get your torso rotating, your legs a-pumpin’, and your head a-bobbin’ while viewing it in your easy-chair, then I guess you’re just, uh, DEAD!

Anyway, Enjoy!

Paddle Fast!


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  1. Scott L

    I can tell you from owning one of the only KC Zeplin skis in the USA – it is a hoot!! Extremely stable and fit me well at 6’2″ x 185lbs so it would be pretty tight on a bigger guy. Not the fastest ski on the block, but decent speed and it lets you get out into rough water and have a blast!

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